Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2012

Table of Contents


Identification, Phylogenetic Characterization and Preliminary Screening of Primary and Secondary Metabolites Producing Bacteria Associated with Marine Sponge Axinella donani  | 
C. E. Rani Juneius, J. Selvin 1-9
Total views: 433
Oral Lesions Associated with Tobacco  | 
L. Aravindh, P. Jagadhesh, P. Mahesh Kumar, Ramasubramanium , N. Raj Vikram 10-11
Total views: 383
Determination of Antioxidant Property of Andrographis paniculata  | 
Sangeeta Huidrom, Manab Deka 12-17
Total views: 768
A Robust Clinical Information on King of Carotenoids: a Systematic Review of the Literature  | 
J. Balasubramanian, N. Narayanan, K. Shahul Hammed Maraicar, M. Murugan, K. Azhagesh Raj, M. Aruna 18-25
Total views: 734
Studies on the Antiplasmodial Effects of Metaprim and Alaxin on some Selected Supplements  | 
O. C. Adumanya, O. B. Odeghe, A. A. Uwakwe, F. C. Onwuka, E. C. Ebiringa 26-31
Total views: 2148
Studies on Sensory Evaluation of Curcumin Powder as Natural Color for Butterscotch Flavor Ice Cream  | 
A. Manoharan, D. Ramasamy, B. Dhanalashmi, K. S. Gnanalashmi, D. Thyagarajan 43-46
Total views: 504